If you come across a textile banner which wasn’t destroyed by a hurricane, it probably came from our factory. For over 25 years we have been collecting experiences, following the latest developments in technology and investing in new techniques. This has lead us into the very top of flag, banner, frames and textile screen manufacturers.

We follow the trends and have invested in digital print technology. Today, Grafko-caspar is one of the largest companies in southeast Europe in this area. Digital print is perfect for smaller amounts of print, making it an ideal partner of characteristics we value most: individuality and creativity.

If you have an unusual idea (you have decided to found your own state, for example), come up with your own design and we will print it using roll-to-roll or direct-to-garment techniques on your new state flag.

Team Grafko – Caspar

How do we achieve top results and provide high-quality products? By working together as one big family. No, this doesn’t include just us employees, but you as well – our partner or customer. We are proud of our warm approach and wish for everyone involved in our creative processes to have a pleasant experience. 

The optimism of our colours and our cheerful designs fills our workspace as well. Every cooperation done between our young, creative designers and experienced production workers is a symbol of team spirit and positivity. From our small factory to the other side of the planet, where our products go, we want our bright Grafko Caspar spirit to be present. 

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